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We at Himalayan Greens grow our farm food using Hydroponic Techniques. Our motto is to offer rich, hygienic, and healthier food options which are free from chemicals and are full of nutrients.

At Himalayan Greens, we grow our farm food using Hydroponics and we can proudly say we are one of the best Hydroponic farms in Uttarakhand that uses this technique to bring a healthy change in the eating habits of our people. Our motto is to offer rich, hygienic, and healthier food options that are full of nutrients. As a promoter of food safety, food security, and environmental issues we are deliberately working to provide our customers with fresh fiber-rich food that is healthy and nutritious. We are located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Haldwani, Uttarakhand; also known as the gateway of Kumaon. Haldwani is truly blessed with a pollution-free environment and pleasant weather, all thanks to the mighty mountains that stand like a great wall in the north. Our Mother nature inspires us to be pure and caring at all times. Following in her footsteps we have pledged to provide fresh vegetables and other farm products that are free from agrochemicals and come directly from our indoor hydroponic farm in Haldwani.

Beyond Organic

Our fresh fruits and veggies are grown by hydroponics, i.e, only by water and other soil less components like cocopeat, perlite, and vermiculite which makes it much safer than organic farm products. We are saying it's Beyond Organic because, though organic farming uses bio-fertilizers and vermicompost still there are chances of microbes present that can be harmful to the plant and spread diseases like E-Coli. Hydroponics is soilless farming that is usually done indoors in a controlled environment. As it is indoor, pests cannot attack the crops so there is no need for pesticides and herbicides making the farm products healthy, fresh, and nutritious. Hydroponic farms in Uttarakhand are a necessity for the state in order to introduce a whole new eating lifestyle among the citizens of the state. Adapting to changes takes.

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Farming

Himalayan Greens believes in sustainability and entirely follows an eco-friendly approach. The Hydroponic system uses around 80-90% less water than traditional farming. Hydroponic farming saves a lot of land space and can be done in any region. It is an indoor activity that is done in a controlled environment so we can practically do farming anywhere without worrying about the weather or soil condition. With the help of vertical gardening, we produce more while using less space. We at Himalayan Greens are moving on the path to provide the best utilization of land, water, and electricity that will help make a new and healthy India.

Supported By HPMI

Himalayan Green project in Haldwani, Uttarakhand is being supported technically as well as commercially by Horticulture Produce Management Institute (HPMI), a Noida-based Technical Resource Organization. We are using the best state-of-the-art technologies and practices for producing high-quality produce keeping in mind all the hygienic parameters such as sanitation and food safety norms.

Delivery Network

Keeping in mind all the covid protocols we deliver fresh fiber-rich food products directly to your home with our hassle-free and robust delivery services in Haldwani. We have quick and responsive delivery services which ensure rapid and sanitized deliveries. So, if you want to go through an entirely new food experience go through our products page. Click here to go to the Products Page. We promise to delight your taste buds with an entirely new and rich eating lifestyle.

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Supported By HPMI
Beyond Organic
natural farming.
Delivery Network
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Himalayan Greens ensure a consistent and reliable supply of premium quality nutrition packed food all year round. We not only provide you and your family with consistent quality but also ecofriendly and residue free food with highest quality parameters of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Mr. Pramod Jain
Mr. Pramod Jain
Mr. Pramod Jain
"My experience at Himalayan Greens was incredible. They are doing a great work and all their food products are super fresh and healthy."
Bhupesh Rathaur
"I was very excited when I heard about Himalayan Greens in Haldwani and how they are using Hydroponics to produce chemical-free farm produce. After buying and trying different herbs and vegetables, I am very impressed by the quality of their products, services and packaging."
Shubhum Joshi
"I visited their store in Haldwani and had one of the best customer experiences. The staff was very helpful and they explained to me in detail about their farm products and how they are produced. Their products are of good quality and I found the rates to be reasonable."
Utkarsh Pant



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