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Simple Salads

Steps to follow:-
For a simpler, lower calorie version:
  1. Put 1-inch romaine chunks into a bowl.
  2. Toss them with olive oil, salt, black pepper, and lemon juice.
  3. Add a portion of lean chicken or baked tofu.

How to consume:

  • Raw and Fresh Lettuce can be consumed by using it with Salads, Burgers, Spring Rolls, Sandwiches.
  • Chinese Lettuce can be consumed by stir frying or with stews and it can be added to the noodles and fried rice as well
  • leafy green can also be combined with garden peas, green beans as well as seafood like shrimp, prawns, etc.
  • Romaine lettuce is a living green that needs eating within a few days of purchase.
Nutritional Values Special Facts
Low in calories which can help in weight loss Lettuce is one of the green leafy vegetables which is crispy and it’s green/crimson-red leaves are one of the best sources of essential nutrients that benefit health.
High levels of potassium can help maintain cardiovascular health. It is among the most sought-after greens, be it in your crunchy green salads or healthy sandwiches.
Vitamin A helps protect eye health and Vitamin C which can help in preventing cholesterol Lettuce leaves exude milk-like fluid which is called sap when it is cut and hence its name derived from LatinLactuca for milk.
Folatewhich can help keep this chemical in check.
Contains Fibre which can help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

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