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Types Of Basils and Their Benefits

 Basils come from a family of Lamiaceae; flowering plants that are generally defined as mints. Basil is a culinary herb that is used all over the world in different types of cuisines. It is an essential herb especially for the Italians who use Basil as an ingredient in their fresh Salads, sauces, and other appealing dishes like Crostini and Bruschetta. A Basil plant or Tulsi as commonly known in India is considered pure and has religious sentiments in the Indian tradition. Hindus worship the plant as it is considered to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi. So, you may find a Tulsi planted at the center of the Verandah in many houses in India. It is also cultivated for Ayurvedic purposes as it is believed to reduce the stress of the body. Italian basil Plant has numerous medical benefits which are described in the article in detail. At Himalayan Greens, we take special care and immense quality control of the products that we grow hydroponically in our yard.

We at Himalayan Greens Haldwani have taken up the initiative to spread awareness about the health benefits and importance of consuming hydroponically produced Italian Basil Plant and Seeds as we strongly believe that sharing of knowledge is something that will help us achieve our strong visions of promoting a healthy and sustainable farming practice in Uttarakhand.


How To Identify a Basil?

There are around 50 to 150 species of basils found all over the world. Each differs in taste, size, and smell. But, let's consider the most common Basil, ‘Sweet Basil’. It is an indigenous herb that grows around 30-90 cm in height. The plant produces white-colored flowers in racemes. The best way to identify a Sweet Basil is to smell it. It has a very aromatic smell with a touch of pepper and mint. Also, the Basil leaves taste sweet but savory at the same time.

Different Types of Basils-

Out of the so many Basil species let’s talk about the 6 most common species that are found and are quite popular in India. Himalayan Greens is one the best Hydroponic Farm in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Out of the many plants that we grow using Hydroponic techniques, varieties of Basil is one of the most demanding hydroponic foods in Haldwani. The 6 common bases used for cooking or medicinal purpose are-

Italian Basil

Italian Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is the most common culinary herb that grows to a height of 12-18 inches. The size of the foliage varies from small to large lettuce-like leaves. The color of the leaves is generally dark green but sometimes you might find a shade of purple to it. Sweet basil can be easily dried and kept for future use. The Italian Basil plant has many nutritional values and is an excellent source of beta-carotene, vitamin A and K, magnesium, calcium, and some traces of Iron. You can use it in different cuisines such as soups, salads, and stews to add a light minty flavor.

Purple Basil

Purple Basil as the name suggests has purple-colored leaves which look very attractive and is a popular choice for many gardeners for their garden. Purple Basil has a slightly clove-like spicy flavor that you can definitely use for pesto, salads, and preserved oils and vinegar. The Purple Basil plant has many health benefits as it is a source of Vitamin K that helps in blood clotting and strengthening bones. It is great for immunity and combats aging and skin ailments.

Lemon Basil

The Lemon Basil plant is a cross between Sweet Basil and American Basil. The plant can grow up to a height of 8-20 inches. Leaves are very similar to the common Basil but are narrower and have serrated edges. Lemon Basil is a popular ingredient in South-East Asian Cuisines such as Thai curry, stirred-fried dishes, stews, and various desserts. Lemon Basil is a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Iron, and Potassium. It also has a good amount of minerals like magnesium, copper, and manganese.

Basil Sweet Dani Lemon

Basil Sweet Dani Lemon is a vigorously fast-growing plant that generally goes up to a height of 22-24 inches. The leaves are small to large in size with a shade of medium green. It has a very nice lemony flavor that makes it a very in-demand culinary herb. Sweet Dani Lemon leaves can be used for brewing tea or can be sprinkled in salads. It is great for immunity boosting, improves vision, and heals wounds faster. This Basil plant has a good source of Vitamin K and Beta-Carotene.

Large Leaf Basil

Large Leaf Basil plant has huge leaves of around 4 inches. It grows to its best size in a good sunny location with well-drained soil. The leaves taste sweeter than Genovese Basil that makes it a great culinary herb for Italian dishes. It has a rich nutritional value and helps in certain health issues like migraines, cold, fever, digestion, stress, anxiety, and depression.
Large Leaf Basil has a very good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K and is rich in Calcium and Manganese. 

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