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8 Advantages of Vertical Farming

As the world population is growing at a fast pace the main challenge, we are about to face is how to feed our population. Day by day due to urbanization we are losing a lot of agricultural lands, which are being converted to residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. According to the reports in 2015, One-third of the world’s arable land has been lost in the last 40 years. If at this rate we are losing our agricultural land, we will face a problem of land scarcity, and growing crops in open fields wouldn’t be much productive to feed such a huge population. To overcome this situation the concept of vertical farming is proving very beneficial and it is being regarded as the farming of the future. This very vertical farming has now given rise to more advanced methods of cultivation one of the most prevalent of which is Hydroponics.

We at The Himalayan Greens are using the techniques of Hydroponics with the concept of vertical farming to grow healthy and nutritious crops such as vegetables, herbs, fruits, and other fiber rich food in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. We are finding these methods very productive and would encourage people to move forward with these futuristic styles of cultivation such as vertical farming that have many benefits and we will be discussed further in this article.

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What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical Farming is a method to grow food on vertically inclined surfaces instead of single-level surfaces such as farm fields. In this method, we can produce fiber rich food in vertically stacked layers interlinked with each other that are very similar to the skyscrapers. Vertical farming is done indoors at a controlled temperature, light, humidity, and gases that are suitable for the production of crops. The main ideology behind Vertical farming is maximizing crop production in a very limited space.

Advantages of Vertical Farming

These are the following advantages of Vertical Farming:

1) Ensures Consistent Crop Production

The first advantage of vertical farming is that it is very reliable and gives consistent crop production. You will be assured of the higher yields and that too all year round. This is possible because it happens in a controlled environment and you can manage the temperature and humidity that is needed for the crops. The crops planted don't have to depend on the natural climate and are also safe from extreme weather conditions such as floods, storms, and droughts.

2) Uses space optimally

Vertical gardening uses much less space than conventional farming methods, where acres of fertile lands are used to produce crops. The number of crops produced on 20 acres of land can be grown easily on a 1-acre land by using the methods of vertical gardening. This method does not require the land to be fertile as being an indoor activity it can utilize any space or land. This farming technique is very beneficial for an urban city where there's a scarcity of agricultural land and its people are only dependent on the supplies from outside.

3) Reduces usage of water

The best thing about vertical farming is that it saves a lot of water. Most vertical gardens use the method of Hydroponics which is water-based farming. 90% of water is saved if we compare it with the conventional method of farming. In conventional farming, the whole field is irrigated and most of the water gets evaporated from the fields. In a vertical garden, the same water can be reused as the water is clean, thereby reducing cost and wastage.

4) Cuts down transportation costs

The most expensive part of food production is the transportation of food items from one place to another. Here Vertical gardening comes in handy as you can grow your plants almost anywhere. So, depending on your customer's location you can always choose a place nearby that will reduce the cost of transportation, carbon-di-oxide emissions, and the need to refrigerate your food items.

5) Less labor fewer costs

If you are planning on doing vertical farming then there won’t be a need for many skilled laborers. The vast majority of the farm can be easily managed by a few laborers as they just have to control the system and do the packaging of the products. Being in an indoor environment everything is very systematic and controlled. So, you are not dependent on workers for heavy-duty work as people are generally on the farm field.

6) Does not involve chemicals or pesticides

As vertical farming is done indoors so there is no need to use a huge quantity of chemicals and pesticides because there won't be any pest infestations inside and the plants are safe from various diseases such as fungal infections. So, at last, you not only get higher production of crops instead you also get healthier food products.

7) Limits Occupational Hazards

Vertical farming is very safe as it is done indoors and does not include heavy machinery or any heavy-duty work. So, the farmers can stay and work safely in a protected area. They are also safe from mosquito-related diseases such as malaria and dengue. As there are no chemical pesticides present it becomes a safe and healthy environment for the workers.

8) Larger produce

Finally, the best benefit of Vertical gardening is that it generates higher production and that too in a very limited space. The vertical farms can produce crops in all seasons as it does not depend on the seasonal changes of the weather or any other factors making vertical gardening one of the best methods of farming. 


Now as you know vertical farming has so many benefits and it is not only eco-friendly but also human friendly. It does not use any pesticides, so the products are very nutritious and healthy and can be grown in any space or environment. We at Himalayan Green produce and deliver fibre rich food using the methods of Hydroponics and Vertical farming in Haldwani and are continuously working on delivering you healthy products while being environment-friendly.

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