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How to Grow Strawberries from Hydroponics

Strawberries are one such fruit that everyone loves to eat. You must have seen strawberries growing in soil, but there is one method to produce this delicious berry in our gardens with the help of Hydroponics. And, whether you’re a professional hydroponic gardener or an amateur, there is nothing to worry about. We at Himalayan Greens grow our farm food using the hydroponics technique in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, and we have laid out a D.I.Y. guide for you all. One can grow strawberries all year round, and that too in half the time if you compare it with the traditional farming method. Hydroponic strawberries are grown without soil and that too in a nutrient-rich container.

If you are new to this technique, then growing strawberries is a good starting point. Strawberries are pretty easy to grow, and it will boost your confidence to grow other vegetables and fruits using Hydroponic Techniques. So, let’s get started on How to Grow Strawberries from Hydroponics.

Can You Grow Strawberries Hydroponically?

With Hydroponic systems, you can grow these berries at any time of the month. This fact is its most significant advantage. In traditional growing methods, strawberries have a specific period when they can grow. But, with hydroponic systems, you can enjoy strawberries even in the winter months. There are a few limitations in growing these berries. Strawberries have a very high water content, due to which they do pretty well Hydroponically. This method is simple, and you can grow strawberries almost anywhere from your garage to your kitchen.

If you are willing to grow strawberries using a hydroponic system, you will have to invest a bit in starting your garden. Today we will discuss the two central hydroponic systems and setups that are given priority for growing strawberries. 

Well, you might think twice before investing money into setting up your own D.I.Y. hydroponic system, but the results are worth it. Also, there are many advantages of growing hydroponic strawberries when compared to traditional soil. We will discuss Hydroponics vs. soil agriculture later in the blog. 

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What are the Best Hydroponic Systems for Strawberries?

There are many hydroponics systems available, and you can grow strawberries in almost every one of them. We have selected the two best options that are pretty popular among strawberry gardeners. For these systems, you will have to buy equipment for the setup, which will require a little cash of yours. But, once the setup is complete, you will see the benefits of using soilless techniques. 

Below we have mentioned the two most common techniques that are used to grow strawberries hydroponically:


Nutrient Film Technology or commonly known as N.F.T. is the most common hydroponic technique used for growing strawberries. In this system, the plant grows using a net pot that makes sure the roots of the plants are hanging correctly in the ‘root zone.’

This technique is efficient, which allows you to reuse the nutrient solution. The growing tray is set on an inclination, and the nutrient solution is continuously pumped around a circuit. Therefore, you should have an alternative power source available in case of electricity failure.

Ebb and Flow 

The Ebb and Flow system, also known as the flood and drain method, is a hydroponic technique that is very similar to N.F.T. In this system, the root of the plants is submerged in a growing medium. As a result, many nutrient solutions flood into the system, and this cycle will last a few minutes altogether. Then, with the help of gravity, the answer after being inundated on the growing medium drains itself naturally.

Hydroponic Nutrients for Strawberries

If you are growing strawberries using a hydroponic method, one of the most important things you need to consider is the proper nutrients. As it is a soilless technique, the berries are entirely dependent on the elements available to them. Therefore, you should ensure these vital nutrients and trace elements.

Three nutrients are essential for strawberry survival - Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Nitrogen helps to build cells and aid the growth of the plant’s leaves and stems, phosphorus is essential for healthy roots, and potassium allows photosynthesis to happen.

Apart from the essential nutrients, strawberries also need some elements present in minimal amounts. Manganese, copper, iron, cobalt, chlorine, zinc, and molybdenum are essential trace elements. Without these, your plants won’t grow fruits.

Hydroponic Strawberries vs. Soil Growing

Strawberries can grow well in the soil, but the ones produced with the help of Hydroponics have advantages such as - it is more environmentally friendly, using less water, giving out higher yield, there are no pest attacks, and using less space. Hydroponic strawberries are grown without soil and that too in a controlled environment. So, it gives out an excellent yield without even using any chemicals. Hydroponics strawberries are super healthy and very nutritious.

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So now we think you have an idea on How to Grow Strawberries from Hydroponics. If you are a gardener and topics like this interest you, you then head to our blog section. We at Himalayan Greens regularly upload new blogs on different topics of Hydroponics.



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