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Himalayan Greens is pioneer in Uttarakhand to address food safety, food security and environmental issue by offering hygienic, healthier, naturally grown and greener food options. We provide fresh as well as processed food stuff which is free from any harmful agro-chemicals and directly from farms located in the heart of market in the foothills of Himalayas i.e. Haldwani.

Why Choose Us?

Himalayan Greens ensure a consistent and reliable supply of premium quality nutrition packed food all year round. We not only provide you and your family with consistent quality but also ecofriendly and residue free food with highest quality parameters of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Himalayan Greens production area is set up at the gateway to Kumaun Himalayas i.e. Haldwani, the foothills of Himalayas and it is being grown in water and other soilless media like cocopeat, perlite and vermiculite .Though,our growing protocols do not qualify by getting our produce certified under Certified Organic Category but it is much safer and that is the reason,we have classified as “BEYOND ORGANIC” because we do take any chance to have any kind of microbes through any agri-input, as it is quite frequent in ORGANIC FARMING due to use of bio-fertilizers,vermi-compost etc. At Himalayan Greens, we are following state of art technologies and package and practices for producing high quality produce ensuring all hygienic parameters and sanitation and food safety norms . with a tag line “from the foothills of Himalayas” and “beyond Organic” as the produce is being produced under 100% controlled climatic conditions and purest form of agri-inputs and without using any harmful agrochemicals adopting highest sanitation and food safety protocols.The project is being supported technically as well as commercially by Horticulture Produce Management Institute (HPMI) ,a Noida based Technical Resource Organization.
We at Himalayan Greens are proud to deliver not just consistent quality but food that is fresh, clean, chemical free, and ecofriendly. Our wide range of plant portfolio receives equal attention in terms of receiving quality nutrients and water which makes us go not just organic but beyond organic.
Himalayan Greens is fast moving on the path to provide best utilization techniques of land, water and electricity that will power a new and healthy India.Our hydroponics systems saves 85-90 % less water than regular farming.
Our delivery network is robust and hassle free. We aim to provide our powerpack vegetables and fruits. The company’s reach ensures that we are able to scale and meet increased seasonal demands as well.



Mr. Pramod Jain

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